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I love him
He’s flawed.
He’s broken.
I know because I saw it happen.
I helped put him back together.
Now the question is, can I make him whole?

I love her.
But it’s not enough.
My career, my life, the man I used to be…Everything. Gone!
How can she love me when even I don’t know who I am anymore?
She deserves more.
If I stay, I’ll wreck her.
If I go… well, I’m already wrecked!

Set against the backdrop of beautiful San Diego, California and New South Wales, Australia, Dr. Mia Jarreau and Australian pro surfer Josh Brenner find love against the odds in this contemporary romance.

As they fight to love, they will win your heart.

About Evynn

I’m a lifelong reader and I’ve been in love with crafting stories since third grade. I use my background in communications and behavioral studies to dive deep into what compels people to do the things they do so I can create characters who are unique, interesting, and relatable.

Before writing romance, I earned a BA and an MA in Communications, and an EdD in Educational Leadership and Organizational Change, and spent nearly two decades as Professor of Communication at a Midwestern College. While there, I had the opportunity to work and interact with faculty, staff and students from many diverse backgrounds, and I bring my understanding and observations to each character I create.

Now, I live in Southern California with my two active Siberian Huskies, Maxx and Zhuri, and I spend my days traveling along the California Coast, reading great new books, and writing swoon-worthy romance novels with strong and principled female leads. I also enjoy taking short hikes with my fur babies.

Connect with me by email at evynn@evynnleighbooks.com, and on Instagram and Pinterest at beacons.ai/evynnleigh